You Were Put on This Planet to Do More Than Worry About Your Weight

I recently wrote this for The Huffington Post about weight.

Scratch that, the post is actually more about purpose. Your purpose. My purpose. All of our purposes.

You guys know that we are always saying that you’re more than the number on the scale. And that is so true. But — especially as we kick off our annual Love Yo’Self Week today (get all the awesome posts here!)— it goes even deeper than that. You’re more than a number … you’re more than a “look.” You’re more than what you eat and what you do in the gym.

You’re wonderful. You’re beautiful. You’re a freakin’ unicorn.

And unicorns don’t have the time to needlessly obsess about their weight. They have gifts and stuff to do in the world. Stuff that requires energy. So they work out and eat right as a way to show themselves love and feel good and energized — and then they go about their unicorn business, making the world a better place.

Read the full post here, and let’s start a conversation. What unicorn powers will you use today? And how will you take care of yourself so that you can do that? It’s time to take your power back, ladies. —Jenn

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