Why Tim Gunn Calling Out the Fashion Industry Is a Body Positivity Win for All of Us

We don’t talk much about “fashion” here unless it’s somehow related to athleisure or performance-enhancing sweat-wicking bad-ass-looking fabrics. But this article that Tim Gunn wrote certainly got our attention — and the attention of a lot of our readers.

And by “attention,” we mean this:


Because, Tim Gunn is SO incredibly right. Not only is the fashion industry missing a huge business opportunity to design for the majority of women, but it’s damn limiting to restrict the art of fashion to a limited pool of people. I mean, what if Picasso or Leonardo di Vinci only had one size of canvas to paint on? Can you imagine the works of art we’d miss out on?

People come in all shapes and sizes. And we all deserve to feel beautiful in our clothes — be they clothes for the gym, the grocery store or a night out on the town.

Thankfully, there are a lot more and better plus-sized workout clothes options out there than in years past and there are awesome designers like Christian Siriano who are doing it right. But we need more. Obviously many, many more.

And while we wait for the industry to change — and I think with people like Tim Gunn speaking up, it will — remember this: You do not need a high-fashion designer to validate your body size to feel beautiful. That power is within you.

So, who can sew and wants to create the next high-fashion brand that caters to women of all sizes? As Tim Gunn would say, we need designers who can “make it work!” —Jenn

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