What It Means (and What It Doesn’t) to Be a Fit Bottomed Girl

So you say you wanna live that sweet, healthy, fit bottomed life.


But … do you know what that really means? Do you know what a fit bottomed girl (FBG) actually does? How she treats her dreams, her food, her body?


It’s cool! It’s not like FBG is defined in Webster’s Dictionary … yet, anyway. But it’s important to know that being part of our fit bottomed world actually has very little to do with the size, shape, or relative fitness of your bottom — or any other part of you, for that matter.

It’s more about attitude, because when you get yourself in the right mindset, the other things you’re looking for (weight loss, muscle tone, the ability to eat foods and live a life you really love) tend to come along with the package.

So, what would an FBG do?

She would:

  • be curious, not judgmental
  • focus on what she can add rather than subtract
  • love life with zero shame in her game
  • listen to and honor her hunger
  • respect her body
  • love herself — even her perceived faults
  • cut herself a break
  • trust her intuition
  • not take herself too seriously
  • laugh often
  • take time for herself
  • understand the importance of rest


And she would not:

  • count calories
  • obsess about the number on the scale
  • engage in negative self talk
  • judge herself — or others
  • skip meals
  • see workouts as “work”
  • always be on the go
  • spend lots of long hours at the gym to compensate for food she’s eaten
  • restrict food for the purpose of weight loss
  • beat herself up for not adhering to any of the above, because each day is a new day and a new opportunity to grow


Dikembe Mutombo is right — ain’t none of that allowed up in here.

Essentially, it all comes back to the idea that you can’t hate yourself healthy. When you start from a place of self-love, and you see the creation of healthy habits as a way to show yourself the love and respect you deserve rather than a way to punish your thighs for rubbing, it becomes easier to make choices that lead you down that better-for-you path.

Not totally following why we don’t consider weight loss, in and of itself, to be the best reason to embark on a healthy living journey? Remember: building a body that fits into a pair of skinny jeans can never change your life in the same way that building confidence and positive habits can. —Kristen

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