We Designed Some Leggings: Vote for Your Fave … and Win a Pair!

Ladies. We have some exciting news for you.


Two pairs to be exact. And we love both of them. So much so that we can’t decide which pair to put into production.

So, we’re putting it to a reader vote!

As a thank you for your help, you’ll be entered to win one of three pairs of the design that gets the most votes. Which will no doubt be the cutest pair of workout leggings that ever existed. Trust us when we say that they’re perfect for everything from deadlifts to dance class to lunges to yoga to brunch. Voting will be open for about a week and then we’ll announce the winning design — and give you more deets on how this (amazing) collaboration started and why we are beyond psyched to work with Four Athletics on it.

So … tell us here or below: Which design do you like better? (And, yep, that’s us in ’em — these are designed for us and our workouts!)

And seriously, thank you guys so, so, SO much. We are so excited to bring such a quality pair of leggings to you guys in a design that we all love — and at a price that’s reasonable and is created in a manner that is aligned with our mission. So, from the (fit) bottoms of our hearts, WE LOVE YOU and are so grateful for your opinion! Jenn & Kristen

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