Want to Get Better at a Certain Movement? Do This Workout

I’m always, always jabbering on about how if you want to get better at the things you’re not so great at, then you have to work on them. But how exactly do you do that? With this workout, that’s how!

“Death By … ” Workout

Affectionately named “Death By …” at The Fit Pit, you basically pick a movement that you want to work on and then do it, until you can’t do it any more — following the pattern of doing a rep at the top of every minute (starting with 1 rep at 0:00) and then adding another rep as the top of the minutes tick by. So …

0:00: 1 rep
1:00: 2 reps
2:00: 3 reps
3:00: 4 reps
4:00: 5 reps
And on and on …

Get the gist? (An easy tip to keep track of your rounds/reps: you’re always one rep behind the minute count.) It starts out pretty easy because with the lower rep counts you have more time to rest. And then, by about the time you get to 7 minutes or so, it gets a little crazy.

You can basically do any movement you want to get better at, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Burpees
  • Box jumps
  • Push-ups
  • Push presses
  • Pull-ups

I did the workout twice — once with burpees and then once with box jumps because I want to get better and faster at both of them. I’m happy to say I got through 10 rounds of burpees (which adds up to 55 burpees!) and 15 rounds of box jumps (which adds up to 120 total box jumps!). For 25 minutes total of exercise, it was QUITE the workout. Try it!

What moves will you do “Death By … ” with? I might try pull-ups next … Jenn

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