This Two-Minute Video Captures Your Cycle Perfectly

Here on FBG, we’re more likely to be talking about cycling on a Spin or road bike than we are your menstrual cycle. But, let’s be honest: your period can suck sometimes. And the same hormones that make your body a wonderland (thanks for that line, John Mayer) can also make you feel like a hot mess. Which can totally get in the way of your workouts, make you crave unhealthy stuff or generally just not feel like your normal badass self.

Glamour magazine put together the coolest two-minute video that shows exactly what your cycle does to you each month — and how to make the most of each phase. Let’s just say it’s waaaaay better than the lecture you got in sex ed!

It’s kind of exhausting and amazing to be a woman, right?! —Jenn

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