This Is the Mindset You Need to Lose Weight

If you’ve ever dieted or tried to lose weight before, you’ve likely read a lot of different advice. And a lot of books. And been to a lot of websites. And tried a lot of products. So you, like, KNOW A LOT about what it takes to lose weight. And, if you’re like a lot of us, probably even more about what it doesn’t.

Information can be awesome. It’s exciting to have all the facts on nutrition and studies on workouts and really learn some cool facts and strategies to help you to be your healthiest right at your fingertips. Yeah, information is power!


Except when it isn’t.


Stay with me for a sec.


You can have all the facts in the world about weight-loss … and not actually lose weight. Because weight-loss isn’t just about information — it’s about putting that information into action. Which requires motivation. And … trying something different. We say this all the time in our 10 in 4 Challenge support group (learn more about how you can join the next challenge here): You can’t expect to see a change unless you make a change.

And yeah, that can be hard. Because change is hard. But it’s the truth.


It all begins with your thoughts — and being totally and completely open to learning something new despite the fact that you know a LOT. It’s a little something we call the “beginner’s mindset.”

What Is the Beginner’s Mindset?

A beginner’s mindset is simple. Basically, you take everything you know, and you keep it in mind, but you check it at the door and open up to the possibility that you don’t know everything. You even remain open to the possibility that what you think you “know” may not actually be working for you. (Because, hey, if it was, you probably wouldn’t still be trying to reach the same goal, right?) You soften your approach to your body and your life. Even though you’re not a “beginner” in healthy living know-how world, you change your perception and accept that there’s much, much more to learn — and you’re ready to welcome it with open arms.


How Can I Have a Beginner’s Mindset?

The first step to having a beginner’s mindset is to simply set the intention to have one. Easy, right? Take a deep breath, acknowledge (with lots of self love) that you’ve been doing the best you could up until this point, but decide that now you’re ready to grow, learn and change. It’s time to leave what’s not working for you behind and open up to new possibilities.

Then, pay attention to your thoughts. Repeated thoughts trigger emotional responses, which, in turn, result in behaviors. When behaviors are repeated, they become habits. And you guys know how important habits are. This is why thoughts are SO important.


Whenever you start to think: “This isn’t going to work for me,” or “I already know that I need [insert food/activity/other healthy living tip you’ve relied on for however many years here],” or you just start to resist any sort of change because you “know” XYZ … lovingly remind yourself to open up and shift back to that beginner’s mindset.

Why Does a Beginner’s Mindset Help?

It takes practice and some self-awareness, but the results can be huge. Why? Because without a beginner’s mindset, change and growth in any area of your life is darn near impossible.

Think about it. If what you’ve been doing isn’t working, why would you hold on so tightly to those habits? Adopt a new open mindset and break free.


How open are you to new ideas when it comes to healthy living? And if you guys need some extra help with this, we do a lot of breaking these patterns in the 10 in 4 Challenge, which you can get more deets for here. It’s life-changing for so many women! Jenn

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