This 30-Minute, Full-Body Follow-Along Workout Is Just About Perfect

There’s a time for a punishing workout that leaves you in a sweaty heap. And there’s a time for a workout that simply hits the sweet spot of intensity. Every muscle group gets turned on and woken up, and you heat up plenty but don’t melt down. You leave feeling, well, amazing.

EMOM, or every minute on the minute, workouts can be perfect for finding this balance. What could be better? How about a completely follow-along video workout that you can do anywhere—like your living room—with next-to-no equipment? That’s the idea behind Home Body: Your 8-Week At-Home Fitness Plan in All Access.

Your guide is Kym Nonstop, a YouTube fitness star, personal trainer, and pro bike racer. She’s funny, unpredictable, and willing to do the hard work and sweat right alongside you. So, give it a shot!

Home Body: What you need to know

Home Body is eight weeks long, and every workout is a full follow-along video experience. Stream it to your TV, prop up your phone in the corner, or blast it out of your tablet—it’s up to you! For the first four weeks, you’ll be building up your strength, endurance, and mobility with challenging upper-, lower-, and full-body workouts, cardio intervals, targeted band and booty training, and enough variety to help your brain and body stay excited.

This sample workout is a full-body EMOM workout, which stands for every minute on the minute. It’ll touch on everything: legs, chest, arms, back, and shoulders, and a little bit of abs. All you need is a bit of floor space and a couple dumbbells or other light weights.

Start each exercise exactly on the minute for the set number of reps, or do what Kym does and just try to get as many reps as possible in the first 30 seconds of each minute, using the remainder of the minute to rest and catch your breath.

Kym will lead you through the entire workout, including the warm-up, so you don’t need a timer, and you don’t need to worry about remembering what comes next. All you need to focus on is keeping up with Kym and getting your sweat on. Ready? Let’s do this!

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