The Surprising Product That’s Become Part of My Daily Routine

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When it comes to making healthy improvements to our lives, you know how we FBGs roll — we’re far more focused on adding in good stuff as opposed to thinking about the things we need to cut out. After all, the more you’re packing your life full of healthy things you love, like fresh veggies, flavorful fruits and fun workouts, the less room you have left for the less healthful stuff.

Recently, I’ve been adding a little something extra to my daily wellness routine. It takes practically no time, very little effort, and the potential benefits? We’re talking about less anxiety, more clarity and reduced exercise-induced inflammation.

Any guesses as to what it is? Go ahead; I’ll wait.


Time’s up! And the answer is …

Hemp extract oil with cannabinoids!

CW Hemp™ sent me samples of Charlotte’s Web™ Hemp oil with cannabinoids, which is a whole plant extract offering antioxidants and neuroprotectants, and it’s available in both oil form (you can take a dropper of it under your tongue or add it to a smoothie, juice or salad dressing) and a topical hemp oil gel-pen which contains a fresh-smelling cream you apply directly to your skin in pre-measured amounts.

Now, I can practically hear some of you saying, “Huh? Hemp? For real?” And I get it. Hemp has a long history of political (and legal) challenges, but what we’re talking about with Charlotte’s Web is strictly made with non-euphoric cannabinoids chemical compound found in industrial hemp that have been shown to provide the benefits listed above … and more.

As for how it’s working for me so far, I have nothing but good things to say. I’ve only been getting my daily cannabinoids for a few days, so it’s hard to really tell whether I’m experiencing the benefits just yet — although I am curious to see whether I notice a major difference in my arthritic knees, and if my anxiety stays under control going into the holiday season? That would be rad. (I’ve got a couple more posts on this coming in the next two months, so you’ll get to see how it’s going!)

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But what I can say is that it’s incredibly simple to fit it into my morning routine by just taking a dropper full of the Charlotte’s Web Mint Chocolate Everyday Plus Infused Oil under my tongue (which I also do again later in the day). It’s got a subtle but tasty flavor that I look forward to — and I’m not someone who does well with sticking to a routine of taking any sort of supplements, so the flavor thing is key.

Wondering whether hemp is right for you? It’s intended to be a supplement for all kinds of people as part of a healthy lifestyle — because, hey, who can’t use some assistance with anxiety and inflammation, am I right? And I don’t want you to be confused about just what this is — all Charlotte’s Web and CW Hemp products are derived from hemp and not marijuana, medical or otherwise. Charlotte’s Web hemp products are legal to purchase and use in all states without a prescription or any sort of medical card.

Have you been hearing about cannabinoids and their health benefits? There’s so much misinformation that I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about it before, but I’m quickly becoming quite the fan! Kristen

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