The Science of Hydration

We all know that we should drink water regularly throughout the day and even extra if we’re working out. But do you know all of the whys behind those recommendations? How much of the science do you know about hydration? Do you know exactly how water helps us to do, well, everything?

Well, if you’re science nerds like us and find this kind of stuff fascinating (dude, our bodies are so damn amazing!) then you will love the infographic below from Cardiff Sports Nutrition. From where our fluid intake comes from, to the role it plays in the body, to the optimum time and temperature to consume water, to the incredible ways in which hydration affects our workouts, these hydration facts are darn cool. And will hopefully help inspire you to pick up that water bottle!

Any of those hydration facts surprise you? I’m going to have to drink more warm water!Jenn

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