The Complete Guide to Running With Your Dog

We love running with people, sure. But running with a dog? Well, it’s kind of the best thing ever. It’s basically like running with pure joy alongside you. And it’s something that we highly recommend — obviously taking all of the things into consideration. Which is why we put this handy dandy guide to running with your dog together!

First, the basics …

How to Get Starting Running With Your Dog

This cool infographic comes to us from Kurgo. See the full post here.

Kurgo Running with Your Dog Infographic

What Are the Best Dogs to Run With?

Second, get an idea for what your dog is bred to handle by using this cool chart. If you have a mixed breed, look at both breeds and take the lesser recommendation of the two. Don’t see your dog’s breed on there or have (what we lovingly like to call) a “purebred mutt”? Talk to your vet for a recommendation.

Dog’s Nutrition and Hydration Needs

Highly active dogs need good nutrition and hydration just like you do. Here and here are a couple of our favorite posts on the subject. And, again, talk to your vet for the best advice for your dog and his/her individual needs!

More Dog-Running Tips & Resources

We have so many goodies to share!

Is your four-legged friend your running partner? Tell us all about him/her and how often and long you run! These days Siena does just a mile or two with me, but it makes her SO happy. Jenn

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