The 10-10-10 Workout

We all have our birthday traditions, right?


Some folks start their big day with a special breakfast, while others take the day off work to do something exciting (or relaxing — which can actually be pretty exciting if your everyday life doesn’t really allow for that, right?).


Us? Well, we think a birthday is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate!  And by “celebrate,” we mean “celebrate how amazing we are by doing a solid workout!”


It’s a simple concept: 10 moves. 10 reps. 10 rounds. (Plus a five to 10 minute easy warm up to get your muscles ready to go!)

This workout can be done at the pace and intensity that works best for you. Been hitting the gym hard for years? Knock this out like a beast and try to finish each round in the same amount of time it took you to do the first. More of an exercise newbie? Awesome! Go a little slower, reduce the intensity if needed (so, star jacks can be regular jumping jacks, or even toe touches out to each side), and, feel free to build up to doing all 10 rounds.

This is a full-body workout and requires no equipment beyond a ledge or chair for dips, so you can do it wherever you happen to be. One note — if it’s a move that targets one side, your 10 reps are 10 reps TOTAL, so it’ll be five on each side. (Unless you want to take it to the next level and do 10 on each side, in which case, you go on with your bad self!)

What are your favorite bodyweight moves? Anything you’d swap out? —Kristen

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