Snazzy Your Water Up With These 11 Unique Ideas

Bored with plain H20 and want to do more than just lemon? We’ve got ideas. Eleven of them, in fact. Plus, a fashion trend that we love (and think you will, too), how to handle conflict like a boss even if you avoid conflict like the plague, and so much more!

Eleven delicious and unique ways to infuse water. —Fit Bottomed Eats

Yep, we’re okay with this fashion trend, too. —Business Insider Malaysia

How to handle conflict like a boss, even if you really, really hate conflict. —Fit Bottomed Zen

Ruby, we love you. —60 Second Docs

Fit and happy? Yep, that’s what we’re all about! —Fit Behind

NSFW, but awesome in so many ways. —Medium

And how about a little behind the scenes stuff from us? Try this from sheKC Lifestyle or this from The Young Hopeful.

That’s what’s on our minds this week. How about you? —Jenn

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