Vivora Niko – Self-Standing Sitting Ball Chair for Adults, Kids, Home, Office, Yoga, Exercise, Stability, Fitness, and Birthing ball, With Pump and Handle, Base Ring Not Needed Price: $39.99$44.99 (as of 05/06/2018 18:42 PST- Details)

The Original Active Sitting Ball Chair Solution for use at home in the living room, office, classroom, or the gym. Suburb complimentary ergonomic alternative sitting solution for desk sitting and standing desk
Niko sitting balls provide a fidget sitting surface which benefits people with ADD or ADHD, as it provides an outlet for restlessness, anxiety and hyperactivity, which may improve ADHD symptoms
Excellent substitute for pregnancy birthing ball or Medicine ball Perfect for exercise, yoga, workout, therapy, and physioball balance training routines, also promotes flexible joints for healthy lifestyle