Training Mask [Black Out, White, Original] Originals Series – Elevation Workout Mask, Cardio and Endurance Mask, Fitness Mask, Breathing Resistance Mask, Running Mask Price: $44.99$49.99 (as of 05/06/2018 18:56 PST- Details)

➤GET THE REAL TRAINING MASK: Training Mask is the pioneer and leader in performance breathing devices. Genuine TrainingMask® breathing exercise devices were engineered to apply variable levels of tension to the breathing muscles by controlling air flow which increases tension on your breathing muscles. Don’t be fooled by the knockoffs – The REAL Training Mask does it best.
➤BURN MORE FAT – BUILD MORE MUSCLE: It’s not all about endurance and stamina – the Training Mask has been scientifically proven to increase your body’s growth hormone levels by up to 25% with exercise. Increased growth hormone will help you burn more fat, build more muscle, and recover faster after a tough workout.
➤HOW TRAINING MASK WORKS: Training Mask Original Series masks uses patented multi-level resistance which loads the respiratory muscles by adding friction to inhaled air. Increasing your breathing load while working out is like lifting weights for your breathing muscles. More breathing power will supercharge your stamina and endurance. The Training Mask Original Series include: 6 Resistance Caps, 3 Flux Valves, Head Strap, Manual, and a 3 YEAR WARRANTY with Product Authentication.