Thin Eco Friendly Travel Yoga Mat | Lightweight Fitness Mat for Hot Yoga, Bikram, Pilates, Aerobics, Exercise, Stretching | 68.2” x 24” | Rubber & Microfiber Mats | Pad with Carrying Case(salm/blue) Price: $62.00 $37.00 (as of 05/06/2018 18:47 PST- Details)

A MAT THAT FOLDS NOT ROLLS Many of the power yoga mats on the market are designed for comfort but not necessarily for convenience. Padded or cushioned mats tend to be bulky and hard to roll up without influencing their integrity. This means that your mat could end up with creases, folds, and cracking, which in turn affects its quality and longevity. Tunods Fitness foldable yoga mat towel effortlessly folds so it can lie flat. This means it takes up much less storage space. 1mm thick and 1.9lbs
PERFECT FOR TRAVELING This yoga mat folds so neatly, it isn’t just great for the home or gym. It comes with a small, yoga mat carrier to keep it from taking up extra room in your bag or shelves. The 1mm slim design lays flat in your suitcase or luggage to optimize space. With its ability to be neatly tucked, you can take your yoga mat just about anywhere –to the park, the office, a workout class, or for long-distance trips. The slimline travel case has a wrist loop, too, for easy mobility.
MADE WITH ECO-FRIENDLY, QUALITY MATERIALS Our premium, non-toxic exercise folding mat is made of natural tree rubber and a super-absorbent microfiber made of recycled materials, and water-based ink for beautiful color and design. It’s free of toxic chemicals, odors, silicone, and phthalates, so you can enjoy your mat knowing you are taking the right steps in helping conserve the environment and wildlife.