Clear Gear Disinfecting Spray 24 Ounce Bottle – Disinfect, Clean and Deodorize Sports and Protective Gear and Eliminate the Funk Price: $15.99 (as of 05/06/2018 17:43 PST- Details)

Effective: Unique, EPA-approved formula kills over 100 germs and viruses including MRSA, Staph, and Strep
Easy to Use: Simply spray on to any athletic gear or protective equipment and let dry. Formula disinfects as it dries – no need to scrub or wipe clean. Leaves no residue.
Safe: Clear Gear is water based so it causes no skin irritation and can be used on any equipment – football helmets & pads, hockey pads, wrestling mats, soccer shin guards, workout machines – without causing any corrosion