Podcast Episode 8: Beauty Hacks With Annie Tomlin of SELF

Have you guys noticed that we’ve picked up the pace on releasing our podcast episodes lately? Well, seeing that we’ve had SO many great interviews with so many amazing people (Bob! April! Bex!), we’ve decided to sneak in some weekly episodes from now until the end of the year. Including this awesome one with Annie Tomlin, beauty director of SELF magazine.

If you’re into beauty, you will LOVE her tips and product recommendations. And even if you’re not into beauty, you’ll get something out of it. From beauty hacks to inspirational advice on what beauty really is, this episode is just full of usable info that makes you feel great. Also, if you haven’t cleaned out the bottom of your gym bag lately (or ever … ) you’ll want to do that STAT. Plus, you’ll get one MacGyver-esque hack that’ll kind of blow your mind. We know it did ours!

Here are just a few quotables from the interview, plus more highlights of our time talking to Annie — and a whole list of all of the products she mentions. We certainly know we’ll be stocking up on these; Annie knows her stuff, yo!


self-quote-1annie-quote-2self-quote-3Podcast Episode 8 Highlights Annie Tomlin, Beauty Director of SELF

  • How to treat chest and back acne
  • Her favorite beauty product that she always keeps in her gym bag
  • How long to go between hair washings
  • Craziest beauty fad she almost tried

Products Mentioned in This Episode

Plus Kristen, Margo and I talk about our favorite beauty products, tips and hacks. And why we love the name Annie. (It’s just the cutest, right?!)

Get the ep with Annie Tomlin here or below!


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