Podcast Episode 12: Bev Cooks Talks Food, Wine, Parenting and Music

You know who’s hilarious? Bev “Bev Cooks” Weidner. And if her comedic ramblings on her blog and Instagram weren’t enough to prove it, check her out on Snapchat (p.s. You’re welcome.). We’ve been stalking, er, we mean, following this food-loving music-playing, wine-drinking mom of twins for years now and we are so psyched that we got to interview her for this episode of our podcast!

Here are a few quotables (and, guys, they just scratch the surface):


Podcast Episode 12 Highlights With Bev Cooks

  • How Bev went from the road life as an indie musician to becoming a domestic blogging diva
  • The ways she comes up with all of her recipes and a cooking “hack” for cutting onions!
  • Her regular “Wine Talk” segments and favorite wines right now
  • The inspiration for her monthly playlists
  • How she makes time to write, produce and post so many social media messages while raising two kids (hint — it means getting up very early every day!)

Plus, we FBGs get real about social media, our chaotic working schedules and our thoughts on getting up before the crack of dawn. Don’t miss it!

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How “real” are your social media accounts? And do you like to follow a strict recipe when cooking or no? Jenn

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