Podcast Episode 11: Fitness Queen Kathy Smith

Behold our latest Fit Bottomed Girls’ Podcast episode with THE Kathy Smith. The woman needs no introduction. She is the fitness queen!

And, the gems of knowledge she drops on us. Wow. It makes us giddy and brings us to tears in our conversation with her. From finding therapy in running after a hard childhood to starting her career in aerobics to raising an Olympian (her daughter Kate Grace competed in track in Rio!), Kathy is the real deal and so gracious with her time and heart-felt advice. This ep is a must, must, must listen!


Podcast Episode 11 Highlights With Kathy Smith

  • The sudden deaths of both of Kathy’s parents at a young age and how she found therapy in running
  • The bad advice of doctors in the 70s who did not believe women should be running marathons
  • Being one of the front-runners of the aerobics industry in the early 80s
  • The way her daughter’s time in Rio inspires her own views on “winning” and “losing”
  • Her secrets for staying in shape in your 60s
  • Her views on body image and if there has been any improvement over the years in how women feel about their bodies

Plus, you’ll have a blast listening to Margo, Kristen and I geek out about talking to Kathy and hear about the workout superstars we worshiped back in the VHS/DVD days. (Oh, those were the days!)

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She’s hella cool, right?! We’re so totally going to have her back on … she’s just one of those people that you could talk to for hours and hours and hours.Jenn

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