Podcast Episode 10: Women’s Running Editor in Chief Jessie Sebor

With marathon season in full swing (or, run, haha) we think the latest Fit Bottomed Girls’ Podcast episode is kinda perfect — no matter if you’re a seasoned marathoner or wannabe 5ker. Because it’s with Women’s Running Editor in Chief Jessie Sebor! And she’s awesome, guys.

From advice on training from couch to half marathon to Jessie’s all-time favorite run on the Alaskan trails (which featured porcupines!) to nutrition and safety tips, this podcast ep has it all. Here are a few of our fave quotes from the ep …


Podcast Episode 10 Highlights With Women’s Running Editor in Chief Jessie Sebor

  • Mistakes new runners commonly make
  • How to recognize disordered eating while training for races
  • Jessie’s running icons
  • Her essential running gear
  • Advice for meal prep and “carb loading”
  • How to find the best pre-long run meal (and what not to do — like eating a five-course Indian meal)

In addition to the awesomeness above, Margo, Kristen and I talk about why we do (or don’t!) love running and share our craziset race stories — like eating ice out of a sports bra.

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What’s your all-time favorite run? I gotta say, I’d be pretty pumped to see a porcupine out on a run, too! —Jenn

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