Podcast Ep 79: Nutrition Expert Dr. Joel Furhman

If you (or someone you care about) needs a little more convincing on the importance cutting junk food out completely, look no further than today’s guest, Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Seriously, he is passionate (to say the least!) about educating the masses on the immense damage just a little greasy food can cause. After this episode, you may never look at french fries or baked goods the same way again!

In his newest book, Fast Food Genocide, he outlines exactly how processed foods can affect your health — we’re talking several kinds of cancers, autism, heart attacks and depression. He also mentions how many calories enter your bloodstream in a minute after eating fast foods versus healthy foods. Plus, he dives into the biology of food addiction and his tips for eating healthy while on the road. (Get ready guys, this episode gets real about processed foods!)

One of the quotes that made us go, “WHOA,” from this interview:

Podcast Ep 79 Highlights With Dr. Joel Fuhrman

  • How fast foods, fried foods, and processed foods are harming us  
  • The most dangerous foods affecting our health (and what to replace them with)
  • The link between processed food and mental health
  • The myths of food addiction
  • Why lunch, not breakfast, is the most important meal of the day
  • The effect of dopamine on your brain after eating fast foods and sugary foods
  • How foods become addictive and dull our taste buds
  • Why slowing down your metabolism can help you live longer
  • Advice for parents on how to get their children to enjoy healthy foods
  • What he brings to eat while traveling to avoid junk food
  • How to sign up for his Nutritarian Women’s Health Study
  • His early years as a competitive figure skater!
  • Plus, we discuss our own adventures in eating healthier

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How do you limit junk food and processed food from your diet? —Margo

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