Podcast Ep 47: Duathlete Kristen Hetzel

Talk about a busy life! Kristen Hetzel is is the world’s No. 7 duathlete (run, cycle and run events), a professional cyclist, an actress and a physical therapist. We invited her on the podcast to talk about how she became a member of Team USA and how she manages to fit in all of her interests and responsibilities … like training twice a day on a regular basis. Whoa!

Kristen has a degree in biochemistry from Wheeling Jesuit University and a masters in physical therapy, so she knows her stuff, both as an athlete and expert. She was kind enough to share her best advice on how to avoid injury (including the four most important stretches you should perform after your workouts). And that’s not the only good info you’ll get from our conversation!

Some of our favorite takeaways from Kristen in this ep include …

Podcast Episode 47 Highlights With Kristen Hetzel

  • How she was introduced to duathlon
  • How her work as a physical therapist helps her to avoid potential injuries
  • The workout schedule she keeps when training for race season 
  • How she manages her three busy careers when she is in training
  • The visualization techniques she incorporates into her workout schedule
  • The paralympic athletes who inspire her to achieve greatness
  • Her best nutrition advice to stay healthy and remain focused

Also in this episode, Jenn, Kristen and I each discuss the logistics of planning our busy lives.

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How do you find time for your workouts? —Margo

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