More Cleavage, Better Workout?

You know, I totally understand the whole “look good to feel good” thing, but I recently came across an article that took that idea to a whole other level. The New York Post recently published an article titled, “Get Ready to See a Lot More Cleavage at the Gym.” Obviously intrigued, I clicked on it.

The article starts out by explaining how a 22-year-old, Upper West Side, New York City resident used to work out in a “boring racerback sports bra” until she saw all the women at her new gym, Tone House, sporting strappy, low-cut bras. She knew she had to “step her game up.”

Are you effing kidding me? Since when do we go to the gym to compete with the woman on the Spin bike next to us? I thought the whole point was to be a better you than you were yesterday. Talk about falling into the comparison trap.

But the article doesn’t stop there. Oh, it gets even better:

“It’s definitely something we bond over, here at Tone House,” she says. “We’re always complimenting each other, saying, ‘That’s such a cute bra!’ It definitely helps motivate you in your workout.

That is, if you’re already fit, trim and have a small to medium-size chest.

Sports bras designed to showcase cleavage — rather than tamp down the girls — are all the rage, complete with flesh-baring cutouts, dominatrix-like straps and plunging, zip-up necklines.”

Okay, first off, if a bra compliment is what you need to work out, there’s a whole other issue going on there. Do compliments make me feel better about myself? You bet. But I sure as hell am way more motivated when someone compliments my form or hard work as opposed to what I decide to throw on my body that day.

Second of all, the whole “if you’re already fit, trim and have a small to medium-size chest.” Excuse me? I’m pretty sure a woman can wear whatever effing bra she wants regardless of her boob size or whether or not she’s “trim” in your eyes.

The most superficial and ridiculous post I’ve quite possibly ever read. It actually makes me sad that these women feel such a need to compete with one another. Why are you truly working out? It’s no wonder you think working out isn’t fun if your main reason for being there is to make sure you’re hotter than the girl next to you or you have the guys drooling over you. EFF THAT.

Look, I am by no means a plain Jane. I love clothes (like in an “I have a room just for clothes on top of a few closets” kind of way — and I even like these strappy bras) and am all about fashionable activewear, but by no means do I ever go to the gym looking to have a cuter bra or whatever (because I work out in more than just a sports bra) than the girl next to me. I go there with my hair on top of my head like a pineapple, no makeup and a cute outfit that I LIKE and know will allow me to have the most badass workout.

The last thing I’m worrying about is whether or not Scott thinks my boobs look good or if Tricia thinks my tank is cute. Who the hell cares? I’m there for me — and only me.

Am I the only one feeling this way about this article? —Erika

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