Monday Giveaway: Your Very Own StandDesk!

It is the first giveaway of our birthday week, and, guys, we are starting out with a bang. A STANDING bang.

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense — but this product does, and you can win it!

The StandDesk will change YOUR LIFE. It’s changed how we work, and it’s improved our health. And you can win one for your home or office (and be the healthy envy of all your coworkers)!

About StandDesk

Your first step towards health isn’t a step at all — it’s a stand. StandDesk creates workplace and home office solutions that revolutionize your work and wellness — prioritizing your happiness and an active lifestyle. These products support physical engagement, help alleviate and prevent joint and muscle pain, and keep energy high and maintained throughout the day. For the Fit Bottomed Girls community, StandDesk will give away the best-selling desktop and frame configuration of the winner’s choice, based off supplies available here.

How to Win It

Because the best things in life are shared, we want you to share this giveaway post with someone you care about! Tell them in person, the post, Facebook, Twitter, Snap, text … we don’t care how, just let them know that they should enter, too, and then leave a comment with who you told. We’ll randomly select a U.S. reader to win in about a week and notify him/her in the comments and via email. Good luck, all!

Be sure to check here for more giveaways every day this week! —Jenn

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