Love at First Lift: Meet the Couple Who Got Married at a Planet Fitness

You may think you spend a lot of time at the gym, or maybe you even consider it to be like a second home, but this couple probably has you beat. They feel such a connection to their gym that they recently got married there. And one of the staff members officiated!

Stephanie Hughes and Joe Keith tied the knot in early September at their Planet Fitness in the Cincinnati area. Stephanie wrote a Facebook note to Planet Fitness, which responded with the offer to host the wedding. They shut down the location for the day and decorated the building in purple and gold to honor the couple who met and fell in love in there.

When they first started dating, Joe and Stephanie would spend almost every night as workout buddies. They’d continue to hang out there and talk to get to know each other after their workouts. As soon as they were engaged, the couple thought it was a great idea to have the wedding at Planet Fitness.

Their guests agreed that it was a perfect fit for them.

“We had a lot of people compliment us on how cool it was, how unique and fitting it was for us, how fun it was, and how awesome it turned out,” Stephanie says. Wedding guests included the owner’s family, friends who are Planet Fitness employees, and even some friends the couple met there.

The wedding was easy to plan with the help of corporate and the local owners. “I thought it would be challenging,” Stephanie says, “but corporate and the owner actually made it really easy by helping us and answering all of our questions along the way. They let us set it up the way we wanted to set it up and it turned out perfect. We even had a rehearsal.”

The reception included cookies with Planet Fitness’s thumbs-ups logo, barbells, muscles and other gym themes, and the couple each had a pair of gym shoes made with the words “Bride” and “Groom” on the tongues.

After all of the excitement, Stephanie and Joe know their new married life won’t change their exercise habits.

“The gym is a place we love, and we have set goals there,” Joe says. “I think it helps a lot because we have similar goals in and out of the gym.”

“Working out together is kind of like a date for us. We teach each other things and motivate each other,” Stephanie says.

Did you ever meet a significant other at the gym? —Megan

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