How to Have a Breakthrough at the Gym (or in Any Area of Your Life)

You guys know how the gym is a metaphor for life, right?


Like, how the challenges you face in workouts — be it a race, lifting a heavier weight or conquering a new move, like a pull-up — are a great parallel to the challenges you face in life outside of the gym? I mean, I don’t know how many times I’ve had to deal with something annoying like a tech issue or a flat tire, and been like, oh, hey, I GOT THIS. After all, I did 50 burpees this morning.


It’s all about changing your perspective. And building confidence. Because when you build confidence in one area of your life by doing something new — maybe something you thought you couldn’t before — that feeling bleeds over into other areas of your life. And that’s awesome. Because confidence feels GREAT. (And looks good on ya.)


And we want you to feel confident. And amazing. And like everything you truly are. Which is why today we’re sharing ways for you to bust out of your comfort zone in ALL areas of your life. The gym is on there of course — that’s always a good place to try new stuff and we’re certainly in favor of that — but there’s also suggestions for busting out of your comfort zone in areas outside of the gym.

Because just like a breakthrough in the gym can result in a breakthrough in another area of your life, a breakthrough in your career or relationships, can also give you a breakthrough in the gym. Neat, huh?


Your Career

There’s so much room in the workplace to grow. Maybe it’s by asking for a raise. Maybe it’s taking on a new project. Maybe it’s mentoring someone — or asking someone to mentor you. Maybe it’s applying for a new job or researching how to start your own business. Maybe it’s going back to school.

For Kristen and me personally, we’re putting this one into action by taking the online certification course for Zen Barre (for the record, they offered us this opportunity and we loved the concept so much we jumped at the chance). We’ll be talking about this much more in the coming months, but we are SO excited. Kristen and I have certifications in other areas (her: track/tri and me: personal training/health coach), but nothing like Zen Barre, which puts a mindful/meditation twist on barre. (And, if you guys want to join us in the training, you can actually get 20 percent off with the code “fitbottomedgirls”!) It’s definitely getting us out of our comfort zones and pushing our limits — and who knows what cool things will come from it!

Your Home

Take a look around at the place you live. Is there a home renovation project you could tackle? An area that you could declutter? An art project you could take on? A new recipe you could try in the kitchen? An area that you could plant something new or start a garden? What new thing can you do to make your space more … well … YOU?

Your Relationships

There’s so much possibility to bust out of comfort zones in your relationships. Maybe it’s starting a new one. Or ending one that’s no longer serving you. Or speaking your truth (even when that’s really scary). Maybe it’s forgiving yourself or getting to know yourself better. Maybe it’s taking the path to loving yourself unconditionally or finally breaking your all-or-nothing mentality.

Your Community

Like Toni Carey said in our podcast ep with her, when you see a need in your community, fill it. How could you get out and make a difference in the immediate world around you? Could you volunteer? Go to a community event? Reach out to your neighbors? Make a new unlikely friend? How can you bust out of your daily bubble and met others different from you?

Your Workouts

Again, there’s nothing like a new workout class (hey, maybe you want to take a Zen Barre class!) or a new, kinda intimidating goal to help you see that you can tackle just about anything. I mean, after I ran my marathon, I knew that I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to. I think of that race pretty much any time I am struggling with something. Honestly, pretty much every time I run, I find myself saying: Girl, surely you can get through this 5k; you ran a freakin’ marathon!

Where is a breakthrough just waiting to happen for you? —Jenn

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