Get Your Healthy Habits Back on Track With the #ButFirstWholeGrain Challenge

The following post is sponsored by General Mills Big G Cereals in recognition of September being National Whole Grains Month and the #ButFirstWholeGrain Challenge. Find more on our sponsored post policy here.

Summer’s over and school is in session. Which — for you summer lovers (looking at ourselves here) — may be a bit of a bummer. I mean, we do love our pool time. But, guys, if you’re in the same missing-summer boat, we have just the challenge for you! You know the whole “but first, coffee” joke? We’ve got a healthier twist on it that’s not only going to get you psyched for a new season but will also help you and your fam set healthy habits — starting with whole grains. Because, as you know, man we love our whole grains.

Not-so-fun fact: did you know that 99 percent of adult peeps and kiddos don’t get enough whole grains in their eats? Forty-eight grams of whole grains are recommended for adults daily and choosing foods made with whole grains is a key part of a healthy diet and has been linked to several health benefits, including: heart health, better weight maintenance, improved digestive health and reduced risk of certain cancers. Not to mention that whole grains are also a great source of energy and provide B vitamins and minerals (great for workouts!).

We think the best way to help people hit that goal of at least 48 grams of whole grain recommended daily is to put whole grains not just top of mind — but also top of plate or bowl (or hand!) with the #ButFirstWholeGrain Challenge. And with General Mills Big G Cereals.

Whole grain is the FIRST ingredient found in every box of General Mills Big G Cereals. So, besides being totally and absolutely delicious, you know that you’re getting in good stuff. (Plus, has there ever been an easier and more convenient way to snack or have breakfast than with cereal — especially for busy moms? We think not.)

And because September is National Whole Grains Month, we’re challenging you this week to …

Take the #ButFirstWholeGrain Challenge With Us & Win

We’re giving away four prize packs of our fave whole-grain first General Mills cereals to people who participate in the below on social media and/or comment on this post. So, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #ButFirstWholeGrain and tag us (@FitBottomedGirl) and @GeneralMillsCereal when replying! (U.S. only please — winners will be notified on social media and in the comments below in about a week.)

Monday (today): Munchable Monday
How can you get whole grains into your next snack?

Tuesday:  Take-It-Up-a-Notch Tuesday
How will you get your 48 grams of recommended whole grains today?

Wednesday: Ready, Set, Go! with the Grain Wednesday
Show us whole-grain breakfast!

Thursday: Thrilling Thursday
Since whole grains are great energy, tell us what fun activity your whole grains are giving you an energy boost for!

Friday: Finish Line Friday
What’s your best #ButFirstWholeGrain tip learned from the week?

General Mills Cereal believes in the power of whole-grain goodness and so do we. So, who’s in to take the #ButFirstWholeGrain Challenge with us? Leave a comment below to enter to win. We’re challenging our buds @carrotsncake, @hungryrunnergrl and @runeatrepeat to BRING IT! —Jenn

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