Freaky Core Workout

It’s that time of year. Everyone seems to say that regardless of the season, but in fall people really mean it. Fall means cooler weather, changing leaves, hot apple cider, Halloween decorations and, yes, FREAKY workout videos! Didn’t see that last one coming, did you?

I put together this quick, body-weight only workout containing some of the scariest exercises ever created. Be warned … this may be too intense for young children. When you’re busting out the “Vampire Crunch,” I don’t want to be held responsible for your child becoming scared and shielding their eyes. Exercise responsively and talk them through the exercises so it’s not so much of a shock when, say, you’re marching around the living room doing “The Walking Dead” exercise.

This workout may just be scarier than the first time I saw “The Shining” (1980) and was so spooked I had my dad put a padlock on my bedroom door so those twins couldn’t visit me at night. Remember the twins?! Thinking back, I believe they would have just passed right through the door as they didn’t have much trouble roaming unfettered around The Overlook Hotel. Hmmm, I lost my train of thought. Where was I. Oh yes …

This core workout features six exercises to tone and strengthen your tummy, core and the rest of your body. It’s so close to Halloween, so let’s get a quick intense workout and have some freaky fun. It was extremely windy when I filmed so that adds to the haunted quality. Or the windy quality. Oh, let’s just get down on the mat and give ourselves a workout!

Keep an eye out for my dog, Addie, as she roams randomly through the shots. She may be the cutest ghost we’ve ever seen in a core workout video. See the workout below or here.

Enjoy, my friends and have a safe and happy Halloween! —Sean Vigue

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