Fitness Tracker Pedometer Bracelet,Vcall I5 Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Activity Tracker Smart Band Wristband with OLED Display Calories Counter Health Sleep Monitor for iPhone Android Phones(Black)

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Brand Name: Vcall.

Main Functions:
Pedometer: It is a good friend to tell your sports situation: how many steps you walk, how far you run, how much calories you take,it is good monitor for health.
Activity monitoring: anytime record the number of steps you walk, move distance and calorie consumption, so you real-time monitoring their movement index, based on your height, weight and other parameters accurately calculate calories burned.
Sleep mode Bracelet will turn into sleep mode after keep pressing button for 2 times vibration for saving power.Do the same thing,close sleep mode.
Message Reminder Message notification. Show the messages sent and received, and it needs to install “Zeroner” to use this function.

1.How to set up “Zeroner” account?
Answer: Open the “Zeroner” App, please register a new account.
2.Question: How to connect the smart phone and the I5 bracelet?
Answer: Keep your phone with the bluetooth and WIFI “ON”.
First, Login in the “Zeroner”, show the main page, tap the top left corner button or slip the screen from the left to right, and click ” Device connection” Second, double press the bracelet touch screen,you will see a radar icon on the top of battery volume indicate,and then tap the button ” Searching Device” on the App,select your right bracelet from the device list,and wait for 2 seconds,
Third, Android device will pop up” Device pair request” select the “confirm” to finish pairing. IOS device will pop up ” Pair Device Success”, “Bluetooth Pairing Request”,click ” Pair” and finish pairing.Steps taken at the very beginning will not be displayed till your steps are getting steady. As a standalone fitness tracker, I5 tracks your steps, calorie consumptions, sleep status and walking distance even without a phone
Do remember to clean the fitness tracker if there are any accidental water or oil contacts. Though being waterproof, swimming with the bracelet on is not recommended. Get a more complicated nickname if you can not register a new account on sync app – Zeroner
Great health gadget for kids, the youth, men or women. Also fits for large wrist customers thanks to the adjustable band design. Kindly know that the data will be cleared automatically at 00:00 everyday
Get text message and some other social apps’ notifications when Bluetooth connection is enabled, making synchronizing data to your iOS/Android devices a quite easy thing
Compatible with Android & iOS smart phones. Such as iPhone 4s/5/5c/6/6s, Note 4 etc. Some phone models like MEIZU may not well be compatible with this tracker as app restarting or exiting may happen.Your OS should be Android 4.4/iOS 7.0 or a higher OS powered and supports Bluetooth 4.0

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