Fitness & Sports Headband For Women (Double-Thick) Made of 90% Polyester & 10% spandex – Non-Slip, Stretchy, Super Soft and Comfortable – Wicks Sweat and Fits Most Heads.

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ATTENTION Yoga Practitioners, Runners, Walkers, Bikers, Hikers and Fitness Enthusiasts alike! If you’re sick and tired of sweat dripping in your eyes reducing the quality of your activity and killing momentum… This stretchy, absorbent and comfortable headband is all you need to regain your sanity. It’ll soak up gallons of sweat, keep your hair out of face, and will grip “like a vice” giving you the freedom to work, perform or enjoy any activity for hours… Now, you never have to worry again about falling face first on a treadmill or trying a really challenging yoga pose… They are 3.9 in x 9.8 in, the perfect width and size to fit virtually every head size and shape. BEST PART? Our unique designs has been created to make you stand out from the crowd remaining in modern style & trends. LIFETIME WARRANTY. We know it won’t happen, but if for any factor beyond our control you get a defective product or if it tears apart at any moment during a lifetime, we’ll send you a free replacement. We promise. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You’ve nothing to lose and a lot to win, so click the “Add To Cart” button and let us help you streamline your daily routine. Remember… The more you buy, the more you save!ANTI-SLIP DESIGN, TIGHT GRIP AND GREAT FIT: Because of its upgraded size (2 times wider than regular headbands) it’s guaranteed to simply stay put and never require adjusting, even if you’re bouncing around a lot.
STRETCHY AND COMFORTABLE: Say good-bye to headaches caused by ill-fitted headbands and say hello to comfort. These headbands are made of 90% Polyester & 10% spandex to be stretchy and fit better than any other.
MORE ABSORBENT THAN REGULAR COTTON: No matter how hard you go, this little guy will soak up your sweat for hours (they don’t stretch out when they get soaked), keeping you dry and cool, enabling you to focus on your workout or yoga practice.
“NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN” INVISIBLE SEAMS: In order to achieve this feat the material is folded over and sewn, then cut and made into the circle that creates the headband. So it is sort of reversible but it’s just a continued design.
LIFETIME WARRANTY: We stand by our product, and our goal is to create an awesome buying experience for you. So if in the unprecedented and very rare event that you get a defective headband or it falls apart, please contact us AT ANY TIME and we’ll send you a replacement on the house.

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