Fit Winter Gear You Need, No Matter What “Winter” Means to You

I live in the Midwest, and the winters here are, well, spastic.

One day it’s sunny and I’m in a t-shirt; the next there’s a windchill of negative 10. So, to me, “winter” means a lot of things. Sometimes it’s seeing a robin and running in shorts. Other days it’s ice and snow and cursing.

And the upside to all of this crazy weather, is that it does give me pretty unique conditions to test products in. Which lead to this post: new gear you’ll love no matter what your “winter” is like.

Your Winter Is Really Freakin’ Long and Really Freakin’ Cold

You probably know Mission as the company that keeps you cool, but its new performance stuff is actually performance gear that helps keep you warm — without getting overly sweaty and therefore wet and cold later. The new RadiantActive line includes all kinds of accessories and gear, like gloves, scarves, headbands, beanies, neck gaiters, and baselayer tops and bottoms. And for how warm this stuff keeps you (the gloves are supposed to get 20 percent greater heat retention than standard fleece, the company says), it’s amazing how lightweight and soft it is. The line is made for sport and outdoor workouts, but, honestly, we’d wear this anytime and to anywhere if it was cold out!

“Chilly” Means 60 Degrees


There are some people in warmer climates (ahem, Kristen), who experience “chilly” as anything below 60 degrees. And I’m not jealous. No, not at all. But those people (and I say that with love) have different outdoor winter workout needs. Like, every layer needs to be ready to perform — including the one closest to your skin. Yes, I mean your underwear. And Björn Borg’s underwear line is allll about that. Made with moisture-wicking “Hydro-Pro” material, it keeps you dry and comfy without a lot of bulk or weight. Plus, it has flat seams that don’t chafe (especially when running or doing high-intensity stuff like burpees) and there are mesh panels in the places you might, well, want some ventilation. And, if you’re a Björn Borg fan, his name is all over this stuff, which is kinda something.

You Want Gear That’ll Transition Well Into Spring


Say you’re over winter and ready to think of spring. Spring hiking! Spring walking! Spring just being outside doing all the things? Well, the Merrel Sugarbush Waterproof would be your boot. Built for both the city and the trail, these boots are rustic throwbacks with a twist that just kind of screams (in a good way) Wild. Totally comfy yet still warm with great grip, I’ve never gotten more compliments on a pair of boots in my life. So, I think that says something. (Those bright laces, amiright?!)

Still wondering what the hell to wear when winter running or working out? Try this. —Jenn

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