Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast Ep 32: Yoga Expert Sage Rountree

If you’re a runner, cyclist or CrossFit enthusiast who is looking to incorporate more yoga into your life, today’s show is just for you! In this episode we talk with the truly wise Sage Rountree, who has written several books for jocks who need more yoga in their lives. You’re going to love what she has to say about how to best fit yoga into a busy training schedule.

We cover everything from how to convince skeptical athletes to try a little yoga during their workouts to how to make the most of a home practice. Plus, Sage will be teaching many of the topics discussed here during her session at the 1440 Multiversity in June 2017!

Some truth bombs dropped in this ep from Sage Rountree include …

Podcast Episode 32 Highlights With Sage Rountree

  • How she created the perfect intersection of sports and yoga
  • The best way to create a home practice and why it can sometimes be more beneficial than attending a class
  • How she teaches reluctant jocks how to use yoga to avoid injuries — without sacrificing training hours
  • Her favorite ways to recover from races (hint — it can be cheap and easy!)
  • When a facial can be an even better choice than a foam roller for tired bodies (really!)
  • Advice for newbie yoga instructors
  • Her favorite books to read during her downtime (the woman has a Ph.D in English lit!)

Also in this episode, Margo and Jenn welcome FBG Ali to the podcast to talk about her experience training with Sage in person. (She gives it a BIG thumbs up!)

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Are you an athlete looking to work more yoga into your training? What made you skeptical of yoga? Tell us about it!Margo

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