Feel a Cold Coming on Before Your Race? Do This

Cold and flu season is here, and it’s the worst, right? I’ve been battling this mostly annoying but also exhausting cough and drainage for a week now, and I’m missing the gym and my normal energy levels SO MUCH.


And I’m not the only one. Erin got sick before her half marathon and was feeling all the annoyance of all those annoying germs — but she was still able to rock her race (read her race recap here!) thanks to following these tips on what to do if you get sick before your race or endurance event. If you’re feeling a similar cold annoyance (going for an unofficial record for saying “annoying” and “annoyance” the most times ever in a post here) and have a race coming up, definitely check them out and follow them!

Do you miss the gym and training when you’re sick? I know that rest is the only way to beat it for good, so I just keep sleeping as much as I can and taking it easy, which is — one more time just for good measure — annoying—Jenn

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