Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Healthy Cat

The other day for our podcast, Margo, Kristen and I were talking about — when it comes to pet affection — getting a dog’s is usually pretty easy. You walk in, they’re thrilled. A cat though? You have to earn it. (At least for most!) Which, in some ways makes it a bit sweeter. Or, at least, doesn’t let you take it for granted.

That same reluctance to jump up and down when they see you can also mean that keeping your cat active is a bit more, well, challenging. It’s certainly not impossible though — you just have to have the right tools, tips and a commitment to making it a priority. And this guide should help you do just that. After all, a healthy cat is a happy cat (or, at least, a happier cat)!

Why Owning a Cat Rocks

How to Keep Your Cat Active

More Kitty Resources

How fit is your feline? If my husband wasn’t allergic, I’d totally get a cat.Jenn

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