Editors’ Picks: Our 9 Favorite Posts

Yesterday you had your turn, and today it’s ours to share our favorite posts from the past year! Our picks are a mix of reflection, gratitude and body positivity. Because the last year brought some changes: Erin went on a new adventure, and we launched not only a podcast and an online weight-loss program but also announced that we’re hosting our first retreat in the California redwoods.

But it’s all occurred with the love-yourself vibe that we’ve always been about — and will always be about. Because, girl, you are more than the number on the scale. In case you missed any of these or simply need a refresher (they’re good enough to read again and again!), here are our favorite posts in no particular order.

weight loss with self love

self confidence

more cleavage

losing weight

yoga benefits

weight-loss secrets

9. A Note From the Heart (We’re so glad he’s feeling better!)

Runner-ups (because it was SO hard to narrow a year down to just nine posts): This guide to workout hair was epic, this podcast episode that started it all and, well, this needs no explanation, right? —Jenn & Kristen

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