Do You Spend More or Less Than the Average American on Fitness?

If you’re like us, you probably spend a fair amount on fitness and health goodies and services. After all, it’s all worth it because it helps to keep you healthy and feeling good, right?


But how does the amount you spend compare to other people around the U.S.? And how does what region you live in affect your rates on all those things?


Yeah! We were curious, too. Which is exactly why we’re sharing this cool infographic from Myprotein on exactly that — plus more.


Check it out and see how you compare! (You know, compare in a good way and not this way.)

So, what did you learn? For me personally, I spend just a bit above the average, but I’m cool with that. I’d much rather spend my hard-earned cash on gym memberships and supplements than on doctor visits and prescription meds! —Jenn

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