Ask the FBGs: What Couples Workouts Do You Recommend?

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Question from DJ: What’s a Good Couples Workout?


My husband and I took a marriage class last night. The takeaway was trying to maximize the limited down time you have after the kids go to bed to do an activity together and not just sit and stare at media. We would like to buy (or stream via Amazon Fire or another online source to our TV) a partner workout DVD. This can lean towards a sexy inspired workout or a true calorie burner. We’d buy both.

Can you please make a recommendation? Or five?


Answer from the FBGs

Oooh, we love this question, DJ! After all, the couple of that sweats together, stays together, right? (That’s the phrase in our house!) Especially when you’ve got kids and are trying to do all the things — what a great way to make sure you both get a workout in, but also get to spend quality time together.

We honestly haven’t covered many couples workouts recently, although we reviewed this one years ago and really liked it. We also really like this book — it’s got some really unique and fun ideas.

Another option are workout streaming sites like Booya (hey, we’ve even created programs on there!) or Daily Burn. While they may not have specific couples-themed workouts, they do have a variety of different types of workouts that you can do side by side. (Kristen and her hubby have been doing Bob Harper’s Black Fire and are loving it — total ass kicker, and it’s an easy one to get competitive with, if that’s your jam.)

Additionally, keep checking the YouTube! There are always new ones going up that might be fun. Here are a few of our faves (a lot of them are more friend than romantic partner, but, hey, they work!):

Have fun sweating together, guys — and thanks for your question!

—The FBGs

Anyone else found any good couples workouts? Share ’em in the comments, please! —Jenn

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