And the Healthiest Lifestyle in the World Goes to …

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We love the Mediterranean lifestyle. The warm breeze. The walking. The time with friends. The vino. The culture. The olive oil.

Especially the Olive Oils from Spain.

And besides being totally and absolutely delicious on basically everything (veggies … bread … fish … in cake), olive oils are a huge part of the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle. And when it comes to choosing the best olive oils, it’s gotta be from Spain. Gotta be. (And chances are, you already have Olive Oils from Spain in your pantry as Spain is the largest producer of olive oils in the world — and the largest producer of organic EVOO.)

Spain pretty much has the best olive oils in the world. With the best climate for olive cultivation and development, not only does Spain invest more in research and development than all other olive oil producing countries combined, but also eight out of 10 awards in the most prestigious international competitions in the world are for Spanish EVOO. And — fit foodies get ready to rejoice — there are more than 260 different olive varieties, giving us all a whole range of flavors, aromas and textures to explore.

Need another reason to love extra virgin Olive Oils from Spain? How about the fact that Spain has one of the longest life expectancies in the world … much of which is due to the country’s Mediterranean lifestyle — which is built on the base of enjoying Olive Oils from Spain.

So, um, yeah. We basically wish we lived in Spain. It’s beautiful, it’s healthy and it has the best olive oils. Plus, Rafa Nadal calls it home. Which, you know, he’s basically a living tennis god.

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