America’s Most 5K-Friendly Cities

It’s always fun to see how your city or state ranks with the rest of the country. Is it healthy? Does it cook? Is it happy? If you’ve ever wondered how your city stacks up in the running-5Ks department (now that’s a department we’d like to work in), we have the infographic for you!

Created by Custom Ink, this infographic breaks down which cities have the best attributes for 5K races, based on: safety, typical weather conditions, landscape, race frequency, and even brewery access (since many running events are now followed by beer).

Check. It. Out.

(We can hear the Chicagoans rejoicing already!)

After Chicago, there’s a lot of East Coast love on the graphic, followed by the West Coast, huh?

Did your city make the list? I’m happy to see my hometown KCMO at no. 20! —Jenn

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