A Sneaky Full-Body Workout That’s a Lot Harder Than It Looks

Ever see a full-body workout on paper and think, “Hey, that doesn’t look that hard … ”

Well, famous last words, my friends.

I swear, sometimes when it comes to workouts, the more simple the WOD looks, the more challenging it is. I certainly know that’s the case with this full-body workout I recently did at The Fit Pit. I mean, none of the rep counts are that high. The row is just 200 meters each time you do it, and there are just three rounds of the circuit.

Again, famous last words.

This whole thing took me just over 20 minutes and I was SWEATING. Believe me, the meters on the rower really add up quickly — as do all of those pull-ups, kettlebell swings and burpees!

The Sneaky Full-Body Workout

Modifications, Because … No Excuses!

Don’t have a rower? Run 200 meters or do 20 lunges!

Don’t have access to a pull-up bar or a TRX to do body rows? Sub these for push-ups or tricep dips!

Don’t have a kettlebell? Grab a dumbbell and do thrusters. No dumbbell? Try hip bridges.

Hate burpees? Try to learn to love ’em with this change in perspective!

Have you ever done a workout that’s way harder than it looks? Tell me about it. And I just might try it because I’m crazy like that. —Jenn

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