A Beauty Product Line That’s Making Big Changes

It’s easy these days to feel like you’re not being heard. Like you’re not making a difference. Like you want to do more to make the world a better place but you just aren’t sure where to start.

Well, over on Fit Bottomed Zen we had a fabulous post on how to support nonprofits you love, but we’re also encouraged by the number of for-profit companies large and small that are doing the right thing — and making huge changes that could make all of us healthier. (Something we can totally get behind!)

Based on both consumer demand and advocacy of companies themselves (we’ve certainly been seeing more all-natural and paraben- and phthalate-free beauty products pitched to us lately), everyone seems to be caring more about what goes in our beauty products.

Take for example a recent conversation I had with Tish, who was all jazzed up about the company Beautycounter and how its products and don’t just get good results, but how its reps — like Tish’s friend, Farrah Japaz, who kindly sent me some samples to check out — are trying to change laws and regulations through advocacy. (This is a really great read on the change they’re fighting for.)


And I was really pleased with what I tried! The cleansers left my skin feeling refreshed but moisturized (even the exfoliating one — sometimes I find those to be a little harsh for me), and I liked how the moisturizers hydrated without feeling heavy or overly thick. I’m usually not an eye cream person, but I even liked the eye cream. I found that I could put it on in the morning or evening and it never felt overly gloopy. (Gloopy isn’t a word, but it should be.)

There are Beautycounter reps in every state, but the line just launched in Target. Which signals to me that this whole “trend” is going mainstream … and that the change they’re fighting for is a-comin’.

How often do you look at the ingredient list of your beauty products? —Jenn

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