8 Awesome Ways Your Pet Keeps You Healthy

Ah, the life of a pet. They eat, they nap, they play, they exercise for the fun of it, and the littlest things bring out nothing but total and complete joy. We could all learn something from them, right?

And, turns out, we do a little. Or a lot! Their zen way of living might be a little furry and may have it out for the mail carrier (sorry, USPS!), but some of their best traits do rub off on us, according to research. Read on for eight ways your pet keeps you healthy — and doggone happy — in this fun infographic.

Can you feel the different ways your pet keeps you healthy? I can say that in the times in my life when I’ve had a pet and not had a pet, that I did seem to be a little happier with a pet. There’s just nothing better than when you walk through the door and they think it is the best thing EVER to see you. #LOVE  —Jenn

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