7 Reasons We Heart Crunch Fitness — And How You Can Join the Workout Party for Free

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We think every workout should feel like a party — fun, exciting, inclusive and high-energy. Those are the kind of sweat sessions that get us out of bed in the morning and keep pushing us to be better, fitter, faster and more awesome. You feel us?


You know who else gets that? Crunch Fitness. And, OMG, guys, they are the coolest.


If you’ve been to Crunch before, you probably know this. They have the much deserved rep of being so fun and on the cutting edge of all the workout trends — in fact, they actually create trends. #SquadGoals


Going into a Crunch Fitness is like joining a healthy party. And we so dig it for all of the reasons listed below. (And be sure to read until the end — there’s a special offer just for YOU!)

7 Reasons We Love Crunch Fitness

1. The facilities are awesome. If you want a gym with the best equipment that’s totally clean and inviting, well, this is it. Behold the beauty …


2. It’s more than just a “gym.” But Crunch goes beyond just equipment and cleanliness. They have the best and most motivational instructors, trainers and staff that basically live for your post-workout high-fives.

2. The music is incredible. If you love tunes and classes with pumpin’ music, you’ll get that. SO MUCH OF THAT. Their music-driven, heart-pumping group fitness classes are basically a party for your muscles.

3. There are so many classes. Specifically, more than 100 class offerings. From yoga to dance to cycling to strength to all kinds of stuff you’ve only dreamed about (see below), get ready to say bye-bye to workout boredom.


4. It’s for EVERYONE. Regardless of your fit bottom’s shape, size, age, race, gender or fitness level you will feel welcomed at Crunch. Crunch is truly a community and gym for all.

5. No shade is thrown … anywhere. The brand’s motto is “No judgments,” and you’ll see that and feel that from the moment you walk in.


6. You will get all the support you need to crush your goals. Need some extra help to reach your goals? They’ve got that too! Let one of their personal trainers develop fun (yes, seriously, fun!) programs just for you and then high-five them like the badass that you are when you cross that finish line.

7. You do you. Want a rock a group class? Have a personal training session? Pop in your headphones and just zone out solo on the treadmill? YOU CAN DO ALL OF THAT. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things fit, awesome, fun and inclusive. It’s fitness for all of your moods and needs. Seriously.

How You Can Try Crunch Fitness for Free

Good news, guys! Crunch Fitness is offering FBG readers a free three-day pass to its locations so that you can try it out yourselves! Get the pass here or click on the image below to score your free trial.


Have you ever been to a Crunch Fitness? I’ve been to one in NYC and Chicago for group classes and both were some of the best and most fun workouts I’ve EVER done. —Jenn

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