5 Ways to 80s-ify Your Workout

The 80s were great, right?


And if you’ve been feeling nostalgic for a more-neon and less-plugged-in time (like, totally, please), why not give your next workout a good ol’ rad blast from the past with these five fun ideas?


If you want to rock a leotard, rock it. But if not (that is one trend we’re okay with staying the past), how about going a little 80s with your shorts? These both remind us of gym class and Rainbow Brite, which is pretty freakin’ rad.

Find your inner 80s groove, even in yoga with this cotton yoga mat bag that looks like a boombox. The only question is: will you use the strap to carry it or simply throw it up and on your shoulder? (We know the answer.)


Remember when stair climbers were all the rage? Well, it’s still one hell of a workout. Get on and climb easily for one minute, followed by as fast as you can for 30 seconds and repeat until the clock hits 15 minutes for one heck of an 80s-inspired (yet really, really effective) HIIT workout.

Obviously! And you guys helped us put it together — and determine the ultimate 80s workout song — so thanks for that!

bubble braid

It doesn’t make sense to tease or crimp your hair only to get it sweaty, but a side braid or a high-pony? Oh, yeah. Like, totally.

What’s your fave trend? I still say dude way too much. And probably still will when I’m 90. —Jenn

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