5 Strength Exercises Tall Women Need to Do

Meet 5-foot-11-inch tall Lauren, PR coordinator at tall women’s wear retailer Long Tall Sally. Today she’s talking about tall-specific workouts (yes, it’s a thing!) and a game-changer in activewear for taller women.

I don’t function properly if I don’t work out. On a good week, I’ll head to the gym four times. I love the discipline of classes: HIIT for calorie burning or Pilates for de-stressing after work. Fitness for me isn’t a goal; it’s a lifestyle.

Growing up tall, I had a tendency to hunch. (It’s kind of tough in school being one of the “tall ones at the back.”) Now, age 24, I still struggle with shoulder tightness and weak knees — two classic tall girl pressure points. Turns out I’m among the 63 percent of tall women who slouch and the 55 percent who have knee pain.  And, it turns out that there are exercises and fitness tips specific to tall women — who would have thought?!

Here are five exercises designed to help target these tall girl “hotspots” — and ones that I wish I’ve been doing all along! Never too late to start, right?

5 Exercises Tall Women Need to Do

1. Standing Rear Fly. Super easy to do at home with simply a resistance band, this helps those of us (like me) who sit all day long at a desk, opening up the front of the body and strengthening the back.

2. Standing Back Extension. Hinge back at your bra strap with your palms facing outward, giving a great stretch to the back and shoulders and improving your posture and back health. I’ve started doing this one while waiting for the bus, at home and even at the office. It feels great!

3. Chest Hug. Not quite as easy to do on the run, but it still requires no equipment! Simply lie down and hug your knees into your chest to stretch out the entire length of your spine. This is extra important for tall women, as most experience lower back pain.

4. Bridge. Lots of women know this from gym classes and yoga, and it’s a great fit for tall women to open up quads, hip flexors and the chest.

5. Squats. This wins the “all around award” as squats target every muscle group, including your core, and are great for long legs!

There’s more tall-specific fitness advice over at Long Tall Sally’s new #TALLERANDSTRONGER campaign, including workout videos, tall “gym hacks” and clean eating tips. Plus, check out MPG x LTS, the new line of tall fit performance wear. Designed in collaboration with activewear experts MPG Sport and tall-fit perfectionists, Long Tall Sally, this collab offers longer rise leggings and true-fit tops that have changed my life. No more mid-workout tugs or thong flashes from this lady. Game changer!


As most tall women know, it can be tricky finding gym gear that truly fits. My top piece of advice for anyone over 5’8” or with a longer torso: please try a tall fit sports bra. I haven’t looked back since I made the leap, as the longer line means it won’t ride up!

And, for Fit Bottomed Girls’ tall readers, enjoy an exclusive 15 percent off all activewear at longtallsally.com using this code at checkout: FGB15. Offer valid until March 31, 2017.

Where my tall ladies at? —Lauren

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