5 Doggone Good Finds for Active Dogs

Obviously, your pup needs water, food, shelter, play and love. But what if your dog is also your running or hiking buddy and logs serious time and miles with you? Do active dogs need anything special or different?

Just like people, when pups have high levels of exercise, they have slightly different needs. From nutrition to hydration to keeping those dog muscles going, here are five doggone good finds for active dogs that’ll have them — and you — saying … wait for it … paw-some! (Sorry, had to.)

1. Super Fuel


You make sure to recover properly after your workout with protein and carbs, so shouldn’t your dog, too? That way he/she can rock your next run or hike alongside you? That’s the whole idea behind K9 Power Super Fuel ($13.99). You can add this supplement to your dogs’ meals and/or give it within that magical 30-minute window after a workout to help increase energy and promote lean muscle growth.

I got some of this to try, too, and let me just say that Siena is a HUGE fan of the taste. She loves it so much that I had to put the container out of sight because she’d spend the majority of the evening staring at it longingly.

2. Survival Straps Dog Collar


A collar is just a collar, right? Well, what would you say to a collar that had technology embedded in it that would help to reduce inflammation and pain, and increase energy, circulation and blood flow? That what this Survival Straps dog collar ($45.95) is said to do. Based on frequency technology used by the military, the collar is great for all active dogs, but especially for older pups who still want to accompany you on every workout.

I got one of these in the mail to review for Siena — who’s about to turn 9 — and over the course of the month she’s been wearing it, she really does seem to move around better and have more energy. I thought her days of running more than a mile with me were over, but we did 2.5 this week and she dominated it. Wanted to go out again the next day!

3. Go Dog Hydration Formula


Your dog may not sweat like you (pant, pant), but he/she certainly needs proper hydration! And kind of like a sports drink for dogs — except it’s designed specifically for a dog’s metabolism and features a special blend of electrolytes, short-burst and long-range energy fuels, plus buffering agents that help neutralize metabolic acid buildup — a scoop of Go Dog ($13.99) can help keep your dog going and going.

Just a word of caution on this one! Just like food, you’ll want to gradually introduce your dog to this new flavor. Give it without a gentle introduction period and your pup might have a little GI discomfort. Ask me how I know. (Lesson learned!)

4. Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind


Hey, being healthy and active isn’t just about workouts … it’s also about being mentally strong, too! Which is why we love this dog food. Don’t just feed their muscles … feed their brains, too!

5. A Super Awesome Place to Rest


Okay, so this really isn’t a product, but dogs are people-pleasers, literally. They will do ANYTHING to make you happy — including pushing their bodies past the point of common sense. So, make sure that your pup gets plenty of recovery and rest. Just like people, they need it! And, if your four-legged fitness buddy is ever lagging behind you, it’s a sign that they’re doing more than they should be, so slow it on down, take a walk break or simply head on home.

How do you keep the active dogs in your life going strong alongside you? —Jenn

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