3 Workout Games That Make Fitness Fun (and Hilarious)

Not feeling your workouts these days? Dreading going to the gym? I’ve been a personal trainer for more than 15 years, so I know what it’s like:

You want to get fit …

You were excited to do whatever it takes …

But the excitement didn’t last long and now you’re in an exercise funk.

My solution for you: It’s time to have some fun!

With the help of these workout games, you can focus on the FUN side of exercise, getting some great laughs with your friends, while challenging your body in new ways.

But don’t be mistaken: Just because these workout games are fun, doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Be prepared to sweat!

Be Like a Kid Again

Think back to when you were a child. You likely played outside for hours on end. Running, jumping, climbing, dancing, and I bet you never even thought about the exercise you were doing.

That’s where we’re headed with these workouts. I want you to have fun while you move your body. I want you to laugh while you burn calories and shed fat. And, ideally I’d like you to do this with a friend. After all, research has shown time and time again that you will have more fun and get better results when you work out with a buddy.

One last thing before we begin …

Forget what other people are doing in the gym. Don’t worry if you feel a little childish (that’s actually a good thing). Ignore any self-consciousness that might creep in.

Your goal is to get recommitted to exercise, and to have fun doing it!

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