3 Products to Show Your Pup Some Love

Because it’s Love Yo’Self Week, we’ve been sharing all kinds of posts on how to show yourself some beautiful, unconditional love. The kind of love that your dog shows you when you walk in the door after a long day — or, heck, even after a five-minute trip out of the house. Just that happy, bounding, OMG-you’re-so-amazing love. And don’t you think we should give them a little bit of that love back? We think so, too. And here are three easy ways to do just that.

3 Products to Show Your Pup Some Love

1. Give them the right fuel. There are so many different kinds of good dog food out there these days. Of course, always talk to your vet about what’s right for your pooch, but if you want to boost brain power? Consider this. Have a super active dog? Try this. Want your dog to be grain-free and super healthy like you? Maybe give Canagan Grain-Free Pet Food a go.


My dog (see Siena in the photo at the top of this post? SO sweet, right?!) couldn’t get enough of the North Pacific Salmon. Made with salmon and fish meal, it has omega-3 in it plus 35 percent vegetables, legumes, botanicals, vitamins and minerals. With options for small- and large-breed pups and different flavors (Country Game, anyone?), there’s a little something for every kind of dog.

2. Treat ’em right. There are yummy treats and then there are yummy treats that are functional. These are those treats!


These adorable treats from Bocce’s Bakery are the right size (not too small and not too big for a medium-sized dog) and, according to Siena, they’re doggone delicious. From fighting stinky breathe (sorry, Siena), to helping with creeky joints (Siena is getting up there … 9 years old now!) to helping with digestion (ain’t no doggie got time for that), these are baked with all-natural ingredients and no weirdo additives. And, I mean, they’re heart-shaped. Doesn’t get much more cute and loving than that, huh?

3. A new challenging and darn near non-destructive toy. I’m not sure that any toy is truly non-destructible, but this food puzzle from Up Dog ($23) is as close as I’ve seen for any toy that involves food, chewing and isn’t a Kong.


We actually bought this one (the rest of the products were sent to FBG for editorial review) for Siena for Christmas and while there are some chewmarks on it, it’s holding up well after a couple months. Put a few of those Bocce’s Bakery treats in it and she has a solid 20 minutes of brain-challenging play and fun. Which Siena loves. She actually brings this ball to us nightly — and pesters us until she gets her Up Dog time in. True story.

Also, awesome and totally free? Snuggles, pets, walks, runs and games of fetch, of course! —Jenn

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