2018 Mommies: The Best Products for Moms, Kids and Families

In case you haven’t heard, it’s an exciting week here in the Fit Bottomed World … it’s birthday week over at Fit Bottomed Girls! And while we’re going to be unveiling a pretty big and exciting new change soon (squeal!), today we’re gonna help FBG party by announcing the 2018 Mommies.

You guys know that the best stuff in mom life is shared, and that’s exactly what the Mommies are all about. (You can see last year’s list here.) We’ve tried A LOT of stuff over the course of the past 365 days, and these are the mama finds that are the best of the best.

2018 Mommies Winners

Best detangling brush for you and your kids: milk + sass Macaron for Hair. So adorable and small enough to throw in your purse or a diaper bag, and they really do work at gently detangling hair!

Best beauty sanity saver: Parissa Precision Waxing Pen. This gives us an extra week or two between waxes at the salon, and it really is so easy to use.

Best read when you’re being driven crazy by your toddler: The Toddler Survivor Guide. It’ll help you to know that, yes, you’ll all survive, and that it’s all perfectly “normal.”

Best TTC trend: More affordable fertility options. Fertility issues suck, but the home services and technology that is now being offered at more affordable prices (such as this and this)? That does not suck.

Best kids’ swimwear line: SwimZip. Cute swimwear for them (and even you!) that include UPF protection.

Best new subscription box: Luv My Skivvies. Because, when’s the last time you cleaned out your undie drawer? And these are AWESOME quality and totes adorbs — like getting a gift every month in the mail. (And, they’re also a podcast sponsor of ours — and they’re giving all listeners/readers 25 percent off their first order with the code FBG!)

Best way to wake up: Ninja Coffee Brewer. You love coffee. We love coffee. And this coffee maker is a coffee lover’s dream.

Best kids’ music: The Wazzoooos. Your kids will love it and it won’t drive you crazy. Now that’s a mom win.

Best new kid-friendly workout: interactive cartoon workouts. We didn’t invent this idea, but we like to think that we’re perfecting it. Check out out our interactive workouts for Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and Moana.

Best parenting trend: doing what works for your family. All moms are welcome here.

There you have it … the mom stuff we can’t live without! What would you give a Mommie to this year? Tell us in the comments! And, be sure to head on over to FBG this week for more fun stuff including the Fitties and GIVEAWAYS here.

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